When I was around 17, I always thought that I will have everything figured out by the time I turned 25. I turned 25 yesterday. But what happen now was the complete opposite; I have no friend (real close friend - in my definition), I have no partner, I don't have a job that I'm proud of. My family is in a complete mess, though we're working hard to fix it up. 

For some of my friend, their birthday celebration could goes on and on for a month long. I decided not to celebrate my birthday at all, for the same reason I don't want to have a best friend - I rather have none than someone or something that is purely manufactured, fuelled with hypocrisy. Some people said I am thinking way too much for a 25 years old young adult. Well, maybe that's true. Maybe I am thinking too much. 

I used to believe that taking your rage up to social media isn't good for your reputation. But come to think about it, it's not all that bad. Especially, when no one really cares about you. I guess when it comes to the power of frequency and reach, social media has got the upper hand compare to other means of personal communications. I mean, you can't expect people that you are angry with to check and read your WhatsApp status every now and then right? Who cares about status on personal messengers anyway? 

So yeah, this is me on my second day of becoming a quarter century man. Still the same man that whine about friendship and love on his blog many years ago. I wish I will become a better person than I am today on my 50th birthday. Pray for me, please?

"Here's to another year full of experiences, joy, happiness, surprises and good luck".